KRAFFT LUCERNE Chopped is a hot-air dried forage feed based on chopped lucerne (commonly known as alfalfa). For use in a combination with hay, silage and grazing and can also be given as forage feed together with fodder straw. Rich in fibre and high-quality protein and has a balanced composition of other important nutrients. High fibre content promotes a healthy colon functionality.
Always give your horse access to forage before feeding it concentrate feed and try to spread its concentrate feeds evenly throughout the day.

  • Rich in fibre and high-quality protein
  • GMO free raw materials, read more about GMO here
  • Plastic bag 20kg
  • Consider adding supplementary minerals and vitamins if fed as the only supplement to the usual forage feed.
  • Chopped straw

Feeding guide

The recommended feed should be based on the nutritional value of the forage feed that is given in addition to KRAFFT Lucerne Chopped. As a guideline, feed approx. 0.5–4 kg per horse per day. Ensure that the horse receives a total of 1-1.5 kg dry coarse feed per 100 kg of horse.

1 litre KRAFFT LUCERNE Chopped = approx. 0.25 kg.

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The lucerne is a leguminous plant characterised by its high content of good quality protein and crude fiber. It is a drought-resistant plant that delivers up to three harvests. It is sometimes referred to as alfalfa. Lucerne is often included as a raw material in factory produced equine feeds and is also available to purchase as a raw material in the form of LUCERNE Chopped, LUCERNE Pellets and LUCERNE Pure Pellets. LUCERNE Chopped and LUCERNE Pellets contain molasses while LUCERNE Pure Pellets is completely free of added molasses.


Sugar beet molasses is a high-energy by-product of the sugar industry. It is highly palatable and a natural binding agent in the production of pellets.

Nutritious content /kg
Drymatter 88%
Metabolisable energy (ME) 8,5 MJ
Crude protein 15%
Digestible crude protein 105 g
Digestible crude protein/energy (ME) 12,4 g/MJ
Lysine 4 g
Vegetable fibres 27%
Crude oils and fat 3%
Sugar 11%
Calcium 1,3%
Phosphorus 0,3%
Magnesium 0,2%