Balanced composition of important substances that help to improve the quality of the hoof, increase hoof growth and counteract cracks in the hoof. Provides biotin, methionine and zinc.

GMO free raw materials, read more about GMO here.

700 g tub.

Feed instructions

Mix into the feed, 20 g/day.

The dosage cup contains approx. 10 g.

One tub will last for approx. 35 Days.

For individual advice, call or e-mail Krafft Direct: +46 10 556 30 40 or direct@krafft.nu.

Nutritious content /kg
Additives /kg
Biotin 1000 mg/kg
Zinc (E6, sulphate) 27000 mg/kg
DL-methionine technically pure 250000 mg/kg