The ability of a horse to absorb nutrients usually decreases with age. This is partly due to a deterioration in the absorption capacity of the digestive system and partly because of an impaired chewing ability in older horses.

As a result, some of the feed will pass through the digestive tract without being digested. Consequently, it is important for the teeth of an older horse to be regularly checked by an equine dentist. Older horses may also find it more difficult to absorb protein which can lead to a reduced muscle mass. This means that many older horses require a feed with a high content of protein.

The GROOV range of products as well as KRAFFT Muscle Up, KRAFFT Plus Protein and KRAFFT Lucerne are all concentrate feeds that suit an older horse. However, if you prefer to give your horse a muesli mix then KRAFFT High Protein Muesli is a good alternative. There are also alternatives with added yeast to balance the horse's digestive system, those are KRAFFT Senior Sensitive, KRAFFT Performance Low Starch and KRAFFT Performance Low Starch Muesli.

Remember that a good feed for an older horse should be palatable and easy to chew. For ease of chewing, feed given to older horses should be soaked in water.