The cornerstone of horse breeding is correctly adapted feeds. In order to ensure the harmonious growth and development of the young horse, every horse owner/breeder ought to feed an analysed forage feed together with a concentrated feed balancer, the nutritional values of which are either declared or analysed.

As long as the horse is growing, it is important that the correct amount and quality of protein is provided through its feed rations. The balance between different minerals, predominantly calcium and phosphorous, is vital for a healthy development of the skeleton. A 1-year-old horse is almost as much in need of protein as a high-performing horse. Once the young horse has reached the age of 2, its need for protein has lessened and is more or less on par with that of a normal performing horse. Horses that are put into training at an early age will, however, have a higher need for protein and should have their feed rations adjusted in line with the level of exercise intensity.

Young horses that are turned away and live out for most of the winter season also need an extra supply of energy. It is not just cold winter days that increases the energy needs of horses. Their energy needs are also affected by rain and wind. Young horses need energy to keep warm but it also stimulates them to move. Consequently, it is always good to be aware of the increased need for energy in the young horse before the arrival of autumn and winter.

Once the young horse is getting closer to the age of 3, its feed rations may be adapted to the level of exercise intensity.

Our KRAFFT Groov range of products is a good choice offering many different options according to the varying needs and forage diet of the growing young horse. This eliminates the need of constantly having to change the type of feed given at the same time as it ensures that the young horse gets the daily feed intake recommended. For those horse owners who prefer a muesli mix, we recommend KRAFFT High Protein Muesli.