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KRAFFT is the leading supplier of horse feed in Sweden. Our leading market position is founded on a close and daily contact with horse owners across the country. KRAFFT is owned by Lantmännen agricultural cooperative which gives us access to substantial development resources and an unrivalled understanding of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Our head office is located in Malmö, Sweden, where we also have our Customer Services and central organisation. Our sales force and equine nutritionists can be found throughout Sweden as well as in Denmark and France. Our products are available for purchase from KRAFFT retailers all over Sweden. For customers with large stable yards requiring large quantities of feed, i.e. by the pallet or for use in silos, we deliver directly to the yard. Contact our Customer Services or your nearest KRAFFT retailer for more information.


As a market leader in equine nutrition and feed, Krafft collaborates with a number of businesses, riders, trainers and organisations throughout Sweden and internationally. We see collaborations in various equestrian disciplines as an opportunity to develop, make new contacts and catch market opportunities at an early stage. Exchanging knowledge is very important for us and has more than once led to the development of new products or the enhancement of existing ones.


Feedback from individual horse owners is something we truly welcome as it helps us to successfully meet our customers’ expectations and demands, enhance our range of products and find solutions to practical feeding problems. Any ideas of what we can do to further improve? Feel free to e-mail us at direct@krafft.nu.


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