A well-balanced mineral supplement for high-performance horses, if the mineral content of the forage and concentrate portion is insufficient. A suitable allowance should be based on the mineral values of the forage and concentrate and the horse’s work, growth and whether it is with foal/lactating.

Available as 20 kg sack and 8 kg bucket.

GMO free raw materials, read more about GMO here.

Feeding guide

A guideline for a pony is approx. 90–120 g/day, for adult horses at normal work approx. 120 g/day, and for adult horses in hard work approx. 120–180 g/day.

1 dl weighs approx. 80 g.

Feed with 1–1,5 kg drymatter roughage/100 kg horse and day as base.

For individual advice, call or e-mail Krafft Direct: +46 10 556 30 40 or direct@krafft.nu.

Nutritious content /kg
Calcium 11 5
Phosphorus 1,7 %
Calcium/phosphorus quota 6,5
Magnesium 6 %
Sodium 5 %
Crude ash 61 %
Additives /kg
Iron, (sulphate) 600 mg
Iodine, (kalciumiodine) 3 mg
Cobolt, (carbonate) 10 mg
Copper, (chelate with aminoacids) 690 mg
Copper, (sulphate) 510 mg
Selenium, (selenite yeast) 7,5 mg
Selenium, (sodium selenite) 7,5 mg
Manganese, (oxide) 1000 mg
Zinc, (oxide) 2500 mg
Vitamin A 200 000 IE
Vitamin D3 10 000 IE
Vitamin E 15 000 mg
Vitamin B1 250 mg
Vitamin B2 250 mg
Vitamin B6 50 mg
Vitamin B12 2,5 mg
Calcium panth 125 mg
Niacin 250 mg
Folic acid 70 mg
Biotin 2 mg
Vitamin warranty 12 months